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Retendo, the graphic design studio in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto produces a variety of paper items using graphic design and letterpress with a idea of "Telling a story of people with a hand to a hand". This set includes a one set of the small memo "TSUTAESORO", a one set of the memo "MAMEBUMI" , a one set of the envelope "OMEDETOSAN" and a noe set of the envelope "OOKINI".
伝え候:幅 40mm x 高さ100mm、12枚1セット
豆文:幅110mm x 高さ150mm、10枚1セット
:幅60mm x 高さ97mm、3枚1セット
:幅92mm x 高さ92mm、3枚1セット

りてん堂 HP
item detail
material: paper
Tsutaesourou (memo note)
: 40mm x 100mm, 1set 12 sheets
Mamebumi (memo note)
: 110mm x 150mm, 1set 10 sheets
Omedetousan (petit envelope)
: 60mm x 97mm, 1set 3 envelopes
Ookini (petit envelope)
: 92mm x 92mm, 1set 3 envelopes

Because they are handmade, please not that the colors and sizes of the each paper are different. The patterns of TSUTAESOUROU and MAMEFUMI are different as well. Retendo HP