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NEWS :2016.07.14 Shibuya PARCO collaboration version released.
    2016.04.26 The use policy posted on App Store.
    2016.04.26 Version 1.1 released.


2016.07.14Shibuya PARCO collaboration version released.
2016.04.26The use policy posted on App Store.
2016.04.26Version 1.1 released.


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About chappie

chappie is a human shaped graphic design created in 1994 by groovisions. chappie has a basic form that is a body standing straight, and can be anyone in the world by changing hairstyle, clothing, skin color and eye color. Therefore, no age, gender and race are established. There are certain rules to lay out chappie when having more than one in the same plane. Such rule or system could also be called chappie. chappie, who was bone as computer data, has started to be hired for various brand campaigns. In 1997, life-sized mannequin was made, then released a CD as a singer from Sony Music Entertainment in 1999, and eventually released 3 singles and 1 album. chappie is still active in a variety of fields such as being the face of companies or schools.