“Works” update

“works” on groovisions website has been updated.



Logo design for JAXA’s innovative satellite technology demonstration program and innovative satellites 2.


Art direction for “PAVILION TOKYO 2021”, an art event held in various places in Tokyo.


CD/CD+Blu-ray/LP over design for Etsuko Yakushimaru’s “Atarimaetukonouta”.

Art direction for “JAXA’s”, the newsletter published by JAXA since no.81(2020).


Art direction for “ROPPONGI HILLS TAKASHI MURAKAMI PROJECT” held at Roppongi Hills.


VI design for “Takamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.


Package design for the collaboration item of IZAMESHI and a Chinese restaurant Shanway.


Participated to an even “Wanderlust” held at Parco Museum Tokyo in Shibuya.


Art direction for an art and food event “Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22” held in Ishinomaki, Miyagi and Oshika Hanto.


Graphic design for “Little Summer Camp”, the 2020 seasonal theme of MOUNTAIN RESEARCH.


Leaflet and goods design for JAMSTEC.


Package design for the functional glasses “JINS PROJECT”.


Logo design for “Tokyo Geijutsu Chugaku”, an art school for junior high school students.


Event Publicity design for “Roppongi Art night digital 2021”.


Design of the souvenirs sold at THE NORTH FACE.


Art direction for “TOMOKAZU MATSUYAMA IN AND OUT”, a collected works of Tomokazu Matsuyama.


Graphic design for the seasonal campaign of Petit Bateau.


Graphic design and game illustration for “MUJIUNIVERSE”, MUJI china’s 15th anniversary.


Design for “HASEDERA”, a guide book of Hase Temple in Kamakura.


Graphic design for a wrap advertisement on trams in Nagasaki for The Nishi Nippon City Bank.


Exhibition Publicity design for “Japanese Architecture” held at National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo Nation Museum and National Archives of Modern Architecture.


Book design for “Daigaku Juken N series”.


Promotion design for an exhibition “Keshiki wo tsukuru me.” held at Kirishima Open-Air Museum in Kagoshima and Hill Side Forum in Daikanyama.