iPhone & iPad App “groovisions” is released.

東京・表参道のスパイラルガーデン(スパイラル1F)で開催している展覧会「groovisions 5×27」で上映されている映像が収録されているアプリです。デバイスを3台までつなげてお楽しみいただけます。

It is an App that contains the motion graphics screened at the exhibition “groovisions 5x 27” being held at Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)  in Omotesando, Tokyo. You can connect up to three devices to enjoy it. The exhibition is until 15th (Sunday). Please see on the big screen.


groovisions stickers

iMessage用ステッカー「groovisions stickers」を配信いたしました。

iMessage’s sticker “groovisions stickers” is released.


The characters from groovisions’ motion graphic have become stickers for iMessage. It is a sticker for messages “iMessage” to be exchanged between Apple products, such as between iOS terminals and Macs.